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What is Antivirus Software ? How It Works ?

Antivirus Software :

An Antivirus is a software program used for protection of threats, viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware and removes malicious software, aka malware, many others.

About Antivirus Software? How Does It Work?

Antivirus software

Antivirus software For PC

Antivirus software protects our personal computer, laptop, android, ios, or Mac as a firewall. In this digital world, almost every human being is dependent on software device according to their requirements. It may be PC, Laptop, Android or any other device.

Virus Free:

An Antivirus is virus free; it protects the computer from causing the damage. It is safe to install not only for virus free but also computer can perform with more speed in general.

Download Free antivirus software of 2018 for windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, Windows XP and Microsoft Server OS and Apple Mac OX Platforms.

Necessary for Antivirus:

Viruses perform harmful acts such as deleting the files, information can also be hacked. So to prevent malicious acts, it is necessary to install the Antivirus on Windows and Macintosh PC. It keeps your computer healthy and safe from unwanted sources.

How Does a Computer Virus Infect a PC:

Virus Attacked

It attacks through various sources like from downloading the files, email attachments, cracking software, internet etc. Be updated with the computer or any device by installing the antivirus that keeps computer protected which in turn acts as a firewall.

Benefits of Best antivirus software 2018:

You will face the consequences of not having Antivirus Protection. The first and important benefit is your pc or any device with antivirus up to date; it can be protected by any kind of viruses or malware. By installing the free antivirus application, it quickly scans the data from any removable device such as USB or Pen drive, acts as low-risk data security. With an increased use of computers from individuals to organizations, the cybercriminals spread the virus to steal the identity or information.

Some vendors, such as Microsoft, Norton, AVG, Avast, and AntiVir offer free PC antivirus software for home use and Office Use as trial versions.

Data Security:

In today’s computer world every individual or organization is dependent on digital transformation. The Internet is not a safe zone, to keep your data encrypted; you need to be cautious to provide the security for your valuable data. No one wants to risk the high essential confidential data to the virus that enters the computer. There is a chance of high risk to data security. The advantage of antivirus installation provides the security for data by scanning the computer. It plays the major role to firewall the harmful viruses.

Protection from third person or hacker:

Antivirus protects from phishing attacks. It means the information is stolen from the third person or hacker. They basically infect the data by injecting the virus into your computer or device and makes users not to access the data.

Antivirus Blocks Spam Websites:

Antivirus software blocks the ads and spam websites. Cyber criminal’s intention to attack the virus through pop up ads and spam websites. Hence their goal is to steal the confidential information which may result in financial loss. It also limits the access to unauthorized sites.

Antivirus Recommended:

The essential point is to install anti virus software to keep it secure from threats from unknown sources. However update anti-virus software regularly to stay away from scammers.  Antivirus software acts as security to confidential data. The virus can attack from internal or external drives, so recommend to install the Antivirus Software to protect the computer.

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