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How to Download and Install Printer Drivers Online Using Internet

In Case if you need to download  and install Printer Drivers Online using internet, the following are the typical steps to be taken.

Install Printer Drivers Online Using Internet on Windows 10, 7, 8 OS:

Install Printer Drivers Online

1. Identify the source: The best source for the Hewlett Packard , Samsung, Canon, Brother, Epson, Ricoh, Hp  printer drivers is usually the manufacture’s website. From such a site, The user can be sure that the downloaded drivers do not come with other unwanted programs. Some of the third-party sites that have printer drivers for download typically have spyware or promotional software which air Up-computer processor capacity.

2. Save the software: When Downloading the drivers, the computer asks the user whether to save the drivers. Saving the drivers is necessary because the drivers come as .exe files which need to be stored in an accessible media from where They can be installed. Default Storage locations vary from computer to computer. The user may have to define a path to make it easier for them to remember where the download has been saved in case they do not want to use the default location.

3. Driver Install: This happens when the download driver file is opened to start the installation process. From this point, the Installation is a wizard. The steps are similar the DVD / CD printer driver installation detailed mentioned in the link given below.

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