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How To Select A Windows Laptop Under 10000 Rs With Best Configuration

How to Buy Windows Laptop Under Rs 10k in INDIA:

Laptops are one of the essential need for everyone now. Laptops are used by many bloggers, homemakers, students, working people, travelers, designers, architects and many other category peoples all over the world.  Laptops price range in India starts from Rs.10000 on wards, which can be quickly offered by anyone.

Steps to Choose A Windows Laptop Under 10000 Rs With Perfect System Configuration:

Windows Laptop Under 10000


Size of the laptop: The primary concern of laptop is portability. So you need to consider the weight of the laptop and screen size. Which should be easily fit to any travel bags you wear. I find laptops with the display size less than 14 ” inch is preferable and weight of the laptops should be around 1 kg to 2 kg’s.

Screen Quality: It is also one of the concern you should look in. You will be starring at the laptop display for many hours every day, so consider buying a full HD laptop (1920 x 1080) resolution screen without the touch screen. IPS laptop screens offers a wide angle viewing and has best user comfort

It is better to go with Intel based Computer Systems with processor cores like Intel core -i3, core-i5, core-i7 , New X-Series Core -i9 Processor laptops with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Operating systems. These CPU’s offers the best performance when compared to AMD processor laptops / Desktops / Notebook PC’s.

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