Ad Aware Antivirus 2017: Ad-Aware is the world's best antivirus software for Desktop / Laptop / Notebook. it protects your PC from viruses, spywares, malwares and more. it is also a free antivirus software that can be used on a number of windows platforms, ranging form windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows 8.1.

Ad Aware Antivirus 2021 Review + Download:

Lavasoft Ad Aware antivirus has the best spyware protection, web protection as well as a number of installing options, even where you can be able to use it while still retaining your current antivirus. however you can also be able to get paid option which comes with enhanced features, such as network protection and even email protection.

Advantages of Ad Aware Free antivirus:

There are a number of advantages that also make the lavasoft Ad-Aware antivirus to be considered the best or on of the best for use in PC protection follows;
  1.  Latest enhanced feature for the best protection, ranging from web protection, Malware protection, as well as network protection.
  2. Custom installation option, where you can be able to install the antivirus with the amount of features you want, hence having the ability to run even with another antivirus installed.
  3. Free to install and USE.

New Features of Ad-Aware Security:

The Ad Aware antivirus comes with a number of features that makes it far more enhanced and unlike other common antivirus systems that are released each and every year as follows; 1. Web Protection: this antivirus will be able to block all URL's that are detected to bring or host malware, hence ensuring as much protection as possible. 2. Email Protection: with the Ad-Aware antivirus, you can also get protection against all suspicious emails that may try to steal your information or those that carry malware. 3. Custom installation options: You will have a number of options that you can be able to install the antivirus, ranging from full to compatible mode of installation, which allows you to have another antivirus running. What's new in Ad Aware 2017 Latest version: Ad Aware antivirus 2017 comes with number of enhanced features as compared to former releases, and hence better in protection such as; - Quick scan upon installation: once you install the antivirus, it will automatically perform a quick scan for virus. - Different install options: you can be able to install the antivirus in different ways, ranging from full to custom install, depending on your options. - Automatic updates: Upon installation, the antivirus automatically detects and downloads the latest binaries needed for effective performance.