AdFender AdBlocker Free Download

AdFender AdBlocker Free Download

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AdFender AdBlocker Free Download : Ad-Fender is a small application that is used to protect your privacy. Through the use of local proxy program allows you to block, among others banners, flash ads, multimedia advertising, and tracking components.

AdFender AdBlocker Free Download For Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Browser:

AdFender AdBlocker Free

Application performance is based on the use of local proxy: Internet data AdFender - Annoyance free web browsing application pass through the engine, where it is analyzed and modified if needed. The application can thus detect the resources of the host companies and advertisers that track users to create their online profiles. AdFender blocks these types of requests, thus protecting the user. The program filters the movement not only Web browsers, but also instant messaging and customers using P2P infrastructure. adfender is a best ad blocker for Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Safari and other web browsers.

In the settings AdFender find a predefined list of items to block. There are settings for example. EasyList very popular with regional variations, as well as the EasyPrivacy. The application also protects against malware, blocks by default because the hosts considered to be used to distribute viruses. From the application you can also delete cookies and history from Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. AdFender AdBlocker Free copes with support traffic filtering with various browsers, both versions 32 and 64-bit. If necessary, the user can create their own rules for filtering excluding specific sites.