New Avast Nitro Antivirus introduces security tools like Cyber Capture, Leading HTTPS Security, Privacy Shield, Banking Protection, nitro update available free download For both Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 7, windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit PC and Mac.

Avast Nitro Antivirus 2017 Updated Overview:

Avast nitro update antivirus is the lightest antivirus software ever created by avast Company in with its headquarters in Czech Offering free PC antivirus and Avast internet Security Software. it is the best antivirus software worldwide making large strides towards the perfection of antivirus technology. It offers excellent performance without slowing down the PC. Free avast antivirus has one of the best virus detection ratios and it could detect all most every virus malware etc. It also provide various security tools like Safebrowser, Secure VPN, PC cleaner, etc. Avast download Free for IOS, Android, Windows , Smart phones , etc .

New Features of free Avast Antivirus Nitro Update:

Avast Nitro Antivirus bring a lot of features to a desk like performance optimization, Security tools, improvement in virus and malware detection, lower system, Cyber Capture, Leading HTTPS Security, Enhanced safe zone Browser and improved home network security.

What is Nitro ? What's new in nitro anti-virus ?

Nitro Update is a special feature that avast has implemented into there new antivirus system.nitro is a virus and malware detector which uses their cloud-based system while scanning for virus and malware . By using this type of cloud based system the performance of the PC is improves a lot.

Avast nitro anti-virus free download ?

Download Avast Antivirus 2017 for 30-day free Trial : Avast Nitro update Antivirus is available for free download both windows PC and Mac . If you want more features like enhanced firewall, Sandbox, Auto Update, Privacy Shield, Banking Protection etc.

Performance and Conclusion about this avast anti-virus software ?

The performance has improved a lot due to the avast new features and this Update nitro antivirus doesn't Slow down the PC. it has minimal impact on system performance. overall this is one of the good antivirus you can download Avast Nitro Antivirus 2017 Free trial today.