Best Firefox Addons: Let us start with a quick view of “ what are add-ons” before diving deep into the practical utilization of them. Add-ons are the tools which we can add to our browsers for enhancing the functionality of browser and at the same time, to make complex tasks easy. Firefox is a well-known product of Mozilla Foundation.

Best Firefox Addons For quick Navigation's:

Best Firefox Addons

We can augment the browser features by adding any of three types of Best Firefox Addons. Mozilla Foundation have classified add-ons as Extensions, themes and plug-ins.

  • Extensions are used to either modifies the features or add functionality to firefox.
  • Themes are for changing the look of user interface according to user’s choice.
  • Plug-ins allow browser to adopt the functionality which it cannot natively achieved. For example, NPAPI is used as plug-in to allow firebox to render the content embedded to web pages as Adobe Flash Player.
  • You can always rely on add-ons to make your online tasks easy. Add-ons are available for any of your need.
  • There are multiple plug-ins available which you can install to your firebox in order to get any of your work easily and smoothly done.

There are some add-ons which are must-have for any of your requirements. So, we have found out the best of them with great functionality.

Have a look :-

Essential Extensions for Bookmarks : Add-ons For quick Navigations.

You cannot remember everything and this is the reason, you need to bookmark and save the tabs which are important for you as you may need them in near future. For this purpose, firefox have some specialist extensions for you.

Best of them are :

• FVD Speed Dial - This bookmark manager is have every feature which is needed to prove it best bookmark extension. Along with saving your bookmarks in a manageable way, it have mesmerizing look. It uses online synchronization to keep your bookmarks updated, it starts the pages in new tab to allow easy navigation, provides custom backgrounds and categorizes your bookmarks in custom speed dials, most visited and recently visited for sake of ease. Link : Click Here.

• Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar – This is a multi-featured extension which lots of features. It adds a row(or multiple rows) of icons below address bar. By hovering on these icons, associated links can be viewed. Bookmarks can be arranged in folders. You can hide the bookmarks or folders by changing settings, set opacity, change look. Best of all, it is a cross- platform extension....So happy browsing !! Link : Click Here.

When using Firefox browser next time….install and try out the add-ons of your requirements to refine your experience with the browser. Keep Exploring.

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