VirtualBox is a leader in virtualization software for Mac OS X.

Download VirtualBox for Mac OSX Free:

In Mac OS X, there are several virtualization solutions like Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp, but they are not as complete and complete as VirtualBox .

This VirtualBox freeware for personal use allows to create a virtual machine in a few clicks of the mouse. Many Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, OS / 2, Solaris, Netware, and FreeBSD wizards offer the ability to create virtual machines with ease.

It is also possible to define many performance-related parameters such as the RAM and the number of processor cores used, graphic acceleration, ports to be used as well as the sound, network and wireless cards to be taken into account. Download VirtualBox for Mac OSX also offers the ability to back up multiple states of a virtualized system, which can be convenient for testing purposes.