Filehippo CCleaner Download Free For Windows and Mac:

CCleaner is a free application designed to optimize the system and remove unnecessary files left behind by other programs. It allows you to clean both hard disk and registry of unnecessary and slow computer data. Thanks to its features, the program is also seen as one of the best tools to protect privacy.

Filehippo CCleaner Download - Latest Version:

CCleaner application enables, with a single click, clearing the remains of surfing the Internet in the list of visited web pages and downloads, cookies (cookies) and temporary Internet files. In addition, CCleaner Professional allows to empty the trash, the system clipboard, list of recently used applications, the list of recently opened documents (including individual applications). It supports office suites, different browsers, media players and many other popular programs.

CCleaner also offers several other useful features. Among them, the ability to manage programs that run with system and optimize its operation by removing temporary files and finding potential problems in the registry. In addition, the module tools available can also uninstall programs from the system. The application has a module called. active monitoring. With it can scan your computer for the presence of litter and deal with them on a regular basis.

Filehippo CCleaner Software available in three editions - CCleaner Free, CCleaner Cloud, CCleaner Professional Versions.

New and Main Features of CCleaner pro Setup:

  1. Deleting temporary Files
  2. Cleaning the history of visited websites
  3. Delets (cookies)
  4. Remove hidden files Index.dat.
  5. Cleaning location last received a file (Internet Explorer)
  6. Clean up the trash
  7. Clean up the system clipboard
  8. Deleting temporary files * .tmp
  9. Delete files reports * log
  10. Cleaning the list of recently opened documents (Start Menu)
  11. Cleaning the list of recently used applications (in the Start Menu)
  12. History cleaning helper Searches Windows XP
  13. Removing memory dumps after suspension systems.

Filehippo CCleaner Free Download.