Firefox Developer Edition is a special version of Firefox developed for programmers and artists websites. Allows the same as the standard version, and additionally provides enhanced tools useful in developing web applications and those intended for use on multiple devices from a web browser.

Firefox Browser - Firefox Developer Edition Free Download:

The program of the standard version of the fire fox stands out above all a dark, slightly modified interface. It can be found on the buttons that provide instant access to all the developer tools. Among them is the DOM inspector allows you to edit HTML and CSS, the console allows you to learn about all the programs on the website, as well as a special debugger to validate the operation of JavaScript code. The Firefox for Developers can also make use of a dedicated CSS editor, monitor network and a tool for checking the performance of the code by recording calls to the JavaScript function.

Development tools allow you to preview responsive mode, there is also a color picker that lets you know the color value of a pixel on the screen. The browser further comprises a draft in which you can enter your JavaScript code and then test its performance. An important advantage is the module WebIDE Firefox allows you to create entire applications and testing them in the simulator, on an external device, Desktop Chrome or Safari for iOS. Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition can also be combined with Firefox for the Android platform, in order to test and prepare applications for this system.

Firefox browser Developer Edition is based on the editions of the Aurora channel, so it is higher than the official stable release and includes news, which ordinary users still have to wait. They paid for it is a slightly lower stability operations - Firefox developer edition can sometimes cause problems and those benefiting from it should be aware of this. It can be installed next to the usual Mozilla Firefox, and does not affect its operation.

Firefox Developer Edition Free Download.