Google Chrome Portable Free Download : Everyone was surprised when Google announced the launch of its new web browser, Google Chrome Offline portable. Announced simplicity, speed and usability, and it has been over the many years. Its bar Onmibox tools is able to display search results Google , search our bookmarks and previously visited pages, presenting the most likely to our query. It is also unique position lashes, above the other elements of the browser.

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Google Chrome Portable free

Google Chrome web browser is also going ahead in safety, incorporating a list of potentially dangerous sites. Another of the most striking new feature is its new JavaScript engine, much faster than any other implemented in a browser.All this, together with a private browsing mode, ability to open various websites and applications in a separate window and unusual speed to when showing inherited webs engine WebKit, makes Google Chrome beta is currently one of the most used browsers. in addition, this portable version can take it anywhere in a USB memory or a memory card and enjoy the benefits of Chrome without giving up your configuration. All you have to do is unzip the file and record the resulting folder on your portable storage device you will use. In this way, Chrome further extends its functionality and makes them sharers of his success to those who carry their selection of programs on your portable storage device.

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