Download and install new HP Envy 15 J120TX Notebook PC TouchSmart, Audio, Network, Graphics, BIOS, LAN, Nvidia Drivers Free For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP / Vista 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems.

HP Envy 15 J120TX Notebook PC Review:

HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j120tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) Review:

The HP Envy 15-J120TX (F7P49PA) Notebook is a very well rounded laptops with the a gorgeous aluminium design, backlit keyboard, 4th generation core i5 processor and an Nvidia graphics card. It also comes with 8gb of ram and an integrated quad bar speaker with an internal sub-woofer from Beats Audio. The only drawbacks are it weight at over 2.5kg and its battery life of 3 – 4 hours which makes for a heavier bundle as its charging cord is a constant accessory. However, it fills its role nicely as powerful laptop that will handle most tasks smoothly while being able to play all but the very latest games at a reasonable performance.

HP Envy 15-J120TX Notebook Drivers Download:

Drivers are an important part for any laptop / Notebook or computer. It contains the instructions for the operating system on how it is to use the specified component. The most up-to-date drivers for the HP Envy 15 J120TX Laptop can be found on the HP support website (or) you can also download HP Envy 15 J120TX Notebook PC Drivers from the table given below.

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- Audio Driver:

HP Envy 15 J120TX Audio Driver allows users to get the most out of the quad bar speakers and subwoofer by enabling the IDT High-Definition Audio. It will make audio input and output cleaner and fix most software related audio problems.

- Chipset driver:

The Chipset driver enables the operating system to show the correct name for the installed intel hardware in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager. It will let the operating system recognise that your notebook is using a 4th generation i5 processor and optimise software accordingly.

- Graphics Driver:

The Graphics Driver enable Intel HD Graphics and also installs HDMI Audio Driver if HDMI video output if supported.

- Network Driver:

HP Envy 15 J120TX Notebook Network Drivers contain any components that communicate with other components. This includes Bluetooth, LAN, and WiFi drivers.

- BIOS Driver:

The BIOS is a set of instructions that the computer goes to to pass you from the power button to the boot loader, which boots up your computer’s operating system. You should really only update your BIOS if a bug has come up or HP has recommended an update.

- Wireless ( Wifi ) Drivers:

The WiFi Driver will enables the WiFi connections.

- Firmware Drivers:

The Firmware Drivers for this notebook will update the Seagate hard drive firmware. It enables more efficient use of the hard drive.

- Diagnostic Driver:

The Diagnostic Driver will enable the operating system to collect the necessary information to assess if the hardware is functioning correctly. It also provides support for updating and managing the system BIOS and other firmware required on the system.

- LAN Driver:

The LAN Driver will enable your computer to connect to a network of other computers such as a modem or a router.

- Nvidia Graphics Driver:

HP Envy 15 J120TX Nvidia Graphics Driver will allow your operating system to efficiently use the Nvidia Video card for for good graphical processing.

Why we need to update HP Envy 15 J120TX Notebook drivers?

Updating laptop drivers are important to ensure that your system is running the best software with the least bugs. Out of date drivers also pose a security risk as someone could have found a way to get information from your device through old drivers. Updating can also make your software run more efficiently as software developers optimise to handle the newest software available for your system.