Download New HP Spectre 13 v000na Laptop drivers Audio, Graphics, Touch-pad, Chipset, Network, BIOS, Firmware, Universal Driver & Software Free For Windows 10, 8, 7, 8.1, XP / Vista 32-bit and 64-bit Operating systems.

HP Spectre 13 v000na (ENERGY STAR) Laptop Overview:

Welcome to 2017 where manufacturers are in a duel to out with each other by relentlessly releasing high-end computing devices day in day out. The following article is a review of an adept, best-selling manufacturer HP. Below is the review of New HP Spectre 13 upcoming laptop in 2017 .

HP Spectre 13 v000na is a state of the art laptop that was originally designed to contend Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air. It has succeeded to a large extent despite numerous compromises. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 CPU models which can only mean it’s a beast when it comes to processing power. Remarkably, it’s a very light laptop weighing only 1.2-Kg, and among the thinnest Intel Core i-generation ever produced. Its edges, lid, and palm rest surface are scratch resistant and robust enough to handle a fall comfortably.

The laptop promises smooth typing even in dark environments with its back-lit keyboard. It features both standard 2.0 and high-speed 3.0 USB ports, with an extra one for charging. The Wi-Fi card and Bluetooth chip are powerful enough to fetch signals on a long-range. Expect high storage speeds as it comes with a Solid-state Drive capable of high read and write speeds. However, using this machine on a battery is a huge disappointment since it doesn’t last long enough. Its noisy fan can be disruptive in quiet environments. Although, the piston hinges are built to resist screen flips, which they excel at, they limit screen movements in small spaces.

HP Spectre 13-v000na Laptop Pros / Cons:

HP Spectre 13 is a state of the art laptop that was originally designed to contend Apple MacBook Air 13-inch . It has succeeded to a large extent despite numerous compromises. It is remarkably light laptop weighing only 1.2kg and among the slimmest Intel Core i generation ever produced.

- Pros:
  • Fabulously light and thin.
  • HP Thinnest Laptop of this year 2017.
  • Scratch resistant lid
  • Robust edges
  • Backlit keyboard for dark typing.
- Cons:
  • Noisy fan
  • Piston hinges limit screen movements
  • Poor battery performance Features
  • Three type-C USB ports (one charging and two high-speed-transfer USB ports)
  • 13-inch, full HD IPS screen, non-scratch Gorilla Glass with brightness up to 301cd/m2
  • Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • core i5/i7 processors
  • 256GB/512GB PCI-E SSD

HP Spectre 13 v000na Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 32-bit / 64-bit:

Drivers are an important part for any laptop / Notebook PC or computer. It contains the instructions for the OS on how it is to use the specified component. The most up-to-date drivers for the HP Spectre 13 v000na Notebook can be found on the HP support website (or) you can also download HP Spectre 13 v000na Laptop Drivers from the table given below.

[table id=2 /] – Audio Driver:

HP Spectre v000na Audio Driver allows users to get the most out of the quad bar speakers and subwoofer by enabling the IDT High-Definition Audio. It will make audio input and output cleaner and fix most software related audio problems.

– Chipset driver:

The Chipset driver enables the operating system to show the correct name for the installed intel hardware in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager. It will let the operating system recognise that your notebook is using a 4th generation i5 processor and optimise software accordingly.

– Graphics Driver:

New HP Spectre 13 Graphics Driver enable Intel HD Graphics and also installs HDMI Audio Driver if HDMI video output if supported.

– Network Driver:

HP Spectre 13 v000na LAN Drivers contain any components that communicate with other components. This includes Bluetooth, LAN, and WiFi drivers.

– BIOS Driver:

The BIOS is a set of instructions that the computer goes to to pass you from the power button to the boot loader, which boots up your computer’s operating system. You should really only update your BIOS if a bug has come up or HP has recommended an update.

– Wireless ( Wifi ) Drivers: The WiFi Driver will enables the WiFi connections. – Firmware Drivers:

The Firmware Drivers for this notebook will update the Seagate hard drive firmware. It enables more efficient use of the hard drive.

– Diagnostic Driver:

The Diagnostic Driver will enable the operating system to collect the necessary information to assess if the hardware is functioning correctly. It also provides support for updating and managing the system BIOS and other firmware required on the system.

– LAN Driver:

The HP Spectre 13 v000na LAN Driver will enable your computer to connect to a network of other computers such as a modem or a router.

– Nvidia Graphics Driver:

HP Spectre 13 v000na Laptop Nvidia Graphics Driver will allow your operating system to efficiently use the Nvidia Video card for for good graphical processing.