If you want to safely install windows 7 Operating System Using USB ( Universal Serial Bus ), here are the requirements you need to meet in order to have the process successful; you need to have enough space of at least 4GB USB Flash drive, Digital Versatile Drive and access a computer that has Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server OS.

Procedure To Install Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit OS Using Pen drive:

Depending on Microsoft Windows OS you have in DVD and the speed of the computer you are using, installation takes up to 30 minutes and so you need to prepare your USB drive in a correct manner.

Follow these steps to install windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 OS Using Pen-Drive:

1. From Windows 7 all in one 32 & 64 bit Repair Re install Recovery Bootable DVD, create an Windows 7 ISO Bootable File format Using Nero or other ISO converter Software.

2. From Your Microsoft, download the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and execute the files after downloading move now to installation wizard.

3. Now on your desktop at the start menu location, you can now start your Windows 7 DVD download tool program.

4. Click, Browse after choosing your ISO file screen on step one of four.

5. Here you can now locate, select your windows 7 ISO file, click open. Wherever you store your Microsoft downloads check the ISO image and continue by clicking open.

6. Back on step one click Next and then USB device and choose media type screen on step two

7. You can now insert USB device, depending on your preference select on where you can store your Windows 7 installation files, either flash drive or external hard disc drive.

8. Now move to clicking the Begin Copying.

9. Click on Yes button to confirm the next window.

10. Copy the windows 7 installation file to the USB, here you have to wait for the Windows 7 Digital Versatile Drive downloaded tool to erase the USB drive. Depending on the USB Drive and connections, computer speed and edition of the Windows 7,this can take up to 30 minutes.

Next in the screen you will see Bootable USB device created successfully, here now you are free to download Windows 7 DVD tool program and allow the USB to install the Windows 7.

The USB device is now free to be booted, boot it for a start of setup process Windows 7.

Final Step: Apter operating system installation you need to restart your PC / Desktop.