Intel Core X i9 Processor: Intel's Latest Processor set, with the Core - X Series, is going to be the real games and content creator's dream. With ample Provision made for top notch gaming and High Resolution streaming simultaneously, or to allow the user to run multiple creative tools at once, the i9 Core, X-Series Processor is ideal for multitasking on a Grand Scale. The Core i9 desktop CPU - i9 chip is going to be the first desktop CPU in the The World to offer 18 cores and 32 threads for massive levels of "mega-tasking".

Intel Core X i9 Processor - With High-End Technology:

Intel Core X i9 Processor

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Intel's new Intel Core X i9 - Core X Desktop CPU Online Prices: Intel's new Core-X CPU range

The Core i9 desktop CPU - Intel Core X i9 Processor Chip is going to be the first desktop CPU in the The World to offer 18 cores and 32 threads for massive levels of "mega-tasking". Intel has revealed that the latest series of Processor is the most "scalable" Accessible.

Core Variants:

This Intel Core X i9 Series Motherboard chipset includes the 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 variants, with the 18-core i9 CPU offering teraflops worth of computing power. It easily beats out AMD's 16 Core Thread Ripper CPU Which Was coined the Most Powerful processor of 2017 from that company? The Extreme Edition's 10-core variant is said to Retail at $999 after being out in the market for just a year. The CPU's are supposed to have a 10% faster Multi-threading performance and about 15% faster single thread performance.

Performance Specs:

All the Intel i9 chips in the X Series reach up to 4.3 GHZ dual core Speeds from base clock speeds of 3.3 GHZ with TurboBoost 2.0 and up to 4.5 GHZ with TurboBoost 3.0. The performance for TurboBoost 3.0 has also been significantly enhanced in the New X-series chips to improve both the single and Dual core speeds. The Entire chip architecture for the series is based on the updated 6th GEN Skylake platform of Intel called Skylake X. Over the past decade, Intel has Focused its efforts on developing high-end chips for Portables Like laptops and Notebook, PC's to Offer sufficient processing power.

Managing Thermal Issues:

Intel Also Has its own Unique Liquid cooling system in place to combat the significant heat issues that might arise from adding multiple cores to a processor. This is said to work well with the latest generation of Chips, and also with the more older versions. All the latest Core i9 Processors, including the 6 and 8 cores of the Intel i7 Processor, feature Thermal design units of 140 W Which are the Maximum power that they can draw.

Hardware enthusiasts can use Expert the series to be in the markets just in time for the holidays.

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