K7 Anti Virus Plus is currently very popular but notable antivirus program, which offers comprehensive protection against computer threats encountered by the can, among others, when using the Internet.

K7 Anti Virus Plus - K7 AntiVirus Free Download:

K7 Anti Virus Plus

The program is equipped with a scanner module in real time and on-demand scanner. A high-speed operation characterizes both and low demand on system resources. The first one is responsible for the analysis of all active, opened, modified and created files, while the second allows you to scan the selected locations, and individual files on your computer. Potentially harmful components can be placed in quarantine to prevent the spread of infection. In turn, the processes on-demand scan, etc., Automate thanks to the built-in scheduler.

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K7 AntiVirus Plus also has a set of additional features, which are designed to protect against certain kinds of harmful components - Trojans, worms, key-loggers and adware components. The area of ??the program also includes e-mail. Automatically scanning is subjected to both their content, as well as attached to their attachments. K7 Free antivirus applies to messages received and sent. Also protected not only conversations via instant messaging, which sent using such files. K7 Anti-virus Plus very well protects your PC / Laptop / Notebook against new threats and exploits that use more un-patched vulnerabilities in the software or operating system.

You can choose between a few small but useful tools for locking in Windows Auto-run external media, cleaning temporary folders of the operating system and web browser, as well as the virtual keyboard, prevents the interception of data entered on websites, etc.

Note:  K7 Anti Virus Plus trial version allows you to use the program for 30 days.