K7 Ultimate Security Gold the richest edition of the company's security suite K7 Computing Pvt characterized by rich functionality and at significant speed operation and low demand on system resources.

K7 Ultimate Security Gold 2017 - 2018 Review:

K7 Ultimate Security Gold

K7 Ultimate Security Gold 2017 Antivirus Software has all the necessary features for comprehensive protection of your computer when using the Internet, connecting to local networks, the use of e-mail, external storage media, etc.. The built-in scanner working in real-time and on demand scanner provides proactive protection against attacks Zero Day, K7 Ultimate Security 2018 antivirus can detect vulnerabilities, and malicious exploits in PDF documents.

Another, equally important element of the package is a two-way firewall, able to filter the data sent to and sent from the computer. It provides protection from unwanted calls, external port scans and attacks from the Internet. K7 UltimateSecurity is equipped with a module phishing to protect sensitive data and control information sent from the computer, and the spam filter, whose task is to filter e-mail and remove all sorts of unwanted correspondence, for example. Broadcast advertising purposes. There was also function to protect our children from websites that contain inappropriate content for them, monitoring the use of computer or control run games and applications. Noteworthy is also the possibility of backing up critical user data and store them on remote servers manufacturer's package.

You can choose between a few small but useful tools to optimize the operating system and hard drive, delete web history and info about the activity on your computer, cleaning temporary folders of the operating system and web browser, permanent deletion of data, locking in Windows Auto-run external media, as well as the virtual keyboard, prevents the interception of data entered on web pages using a standard keyboard.

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