Premium AV Antivirus was developed in Russia by an Indian software company. It is now available for worldwide distribution and uses to provide all computers with the complete threat protection they need to remain safe on the web. With the ability to purchase licensing all around the world and is packed with safeguarding features, no computer should be faced with any computer threats. PremiumAV India Developed Anti-Virus and Premium AV Internet Security For Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit Operating System.

Premium AV Antivirus Free Download:

Premium AV Antivirus

PremiumAV free Antivirus is a lightweight option that won't slow down your computer while offering full protection from threats online. The program goes above and beyond offering anti-virus and providing total protection for all of your needs: including free 2018 antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, automatic-updates and anti-adware. Computers are provided with complete threat protection to abolish any concern while using the internet. With the new 2016 version of the software, new features have been introduced aiding in its rising above competing for software.

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Premium AV Antivirus premium New Features:

The PremiumAV Total  Security 2017 - 2018 version introduces a couple of new features that is appealing to consumers. First, it now includes heuristic detection making it a breeze to detect both previously unknown computer viruses as well as new variants of preexisting viruses. This release is also the lightest yet being named the lightest in the world offering full protection without slowing down your computer. Premium AV Antivirus Available as CD / DVD , 1 User 1 Year at

Why PremiumAV Free Antivirus is Best Compared to Other System Security Software:

Many other free PC antivirus software's options are not equipped with the technology to be able to find new viruses or new variants of preexisting viruses making the ability to fall victim to new threats quite serious. With the need to use computers for so much today, the fact that this software won't slow down your system makes it by far a more appealing option when it comes to security software options. With several comparable software options available, it is important to realize the level of security provided by PremiumAV. When looking for best and free Internet security software to protect your computer in full, finding a software with the options necessary to remain free from threats can be found in 2018 PremiumAV Anti Virus. With the new features airing to a more dependable release, there is no question that Premium AV Antivirus is a solid choice.

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