Speccy Software Free Download For Computer

Speccy Software Free Download For Computer

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Speccy is a software developed by Piriform. It is an extensive software designed to offer comprehensive information regarding the hardware contained in a PC. You can easily download speccy software free version on the internet. The download procedure requires one to click the download button and wait for a short while before the installation process.

What's new in Piriform Speccy Software free 2019 latest version:

The current version of Speccy PC Software is Speccy 1.32.740 released in 2018. In this version, there is an additional privacy menu and better SSD detection for laptops and newer SSD devices. Optical drives, audio support, RAM, CPU, motherboard among others are some of the hardware that Speccy computer software offers information on in addition to gauging the temperature of the device.

Benefits of Speccy FREE / PROFESSIONAL 2019 PC Software Versions:

Some of the benefits of using Speccy 2019 software is that, it saves time for navigation through the PC since everything you ought to know about the computer's hardware gets displayed in one interface. The information presented on 2019 Speccy is also crucial in making an upgrade and in new purchase decisions. On the flipside, Speccy lacks a real-time monitor that shows the applications that may be monopolizing the PC's resources.

Download Speccy Software Free

  • Speccy free download version plus Points: Advanced PC insights

Download Speccy Professional Edition 2019,

  • Speccy Pro Version Contains:
  1. Advanced PC insights
  2. Automatic updates
  3. Premium support
  4. Recommended for home users.