The WhatsApp team has promised to give more security updates in the upcoming days. The interface of the app has already included features such as voice and video calling and also document sharing. There is an new Official WhatsApp Update from Whats App  Team i.e WhatsApp backdoor.

WhatsApp backdoor | New Feature 2021 :

WhatsApp backdoor The UI (User Interface) of WhatsApp web looks like the mobile UI and feels very familiar. All the conversations can be continued here and new ones can also be initiated using one single click. Features like delivery report and read receipt are also supported and almost all other perks of using WhatsApp on phone can be found on Web interface too like - video calling, voice calling or sending images and videos. So altogether one can say its close to perfect extension to WhatsApp messenger if not perfect and can be accessed without any hassles. The Whats-App now also offers document sharing and free video and voice calls phone's Internet connection (4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available).

What is WhatsApp backdoor Feature:

Do you ever want to make sure only your friend receives your text message? Well, WhatsApp is a popular messenger system used by people who want their messages to be encrypted; This means that the messages being sent to the recipient cannot be read until the recipient reads it, therefore it can not be intercepted by the government which gives it it's major appeal. However, it has been found that there is a flaw to this encryption method which is known as a backdoor feature. This feature essentially could allow the government, or any interceptors to gain the messages that are being sent to the recipient without anyone knowing. This WhatsApp backdoor feature essentially contradicts the point of the application by allowing other people to see the encrypted messages. The WhatsApp backdoor risks the security of the messages being sent but it also allows the sender to be notified if the recipient has changed their number or not To make sure their messages are still being safely sent the sender can just ask the recipient in person or over the phone if they have changed their phone number or not If they have not changed their phone number the sender will know that the messages being sent through WhatsApp are being intercepted by an unknown individual or organization. Summary - WhatsApp is the best instant messaging option available right now for any of the smartphone platform and is the most secure too, However its security has been in question since Facebook acquired it in 2014. It is a must have app for anybody from a professional to someone like you and me who likes to be in touch with friends and family 24X7. Also The app has promised to roll some cool features in the future.