WinRAR For Mac Download:

WinRAR archive Software is a set of console tools to create and unpack RAR archives. With it you can pack files copyright algorithm with optional enhancements for multimedia. RAR offers a compression level of 10-50%, with higher results are obtained when packing more small files. These same programs are the basis for the popular WinRAR for Windows.

WinRAR For Mac Free Download ( Freeware - Trial Version ):

WinRAR For Mac archive contains two tools: rar and unrar. Starting them without any arguments displays a help and a list of options for each of them.

In addition to packing and Unzipping RAR files can also encrypt archives, annotating and repairing damaged archives, so you can try to unpack them even if they are not properly collected or recovered from damaged media.

Programs are available for free on a WinRAR For Mac trial license. You have the right to use them for their intended purpose, even in your scripts and programs, but further distribution is permitted only in the form of the original archive, which has been downloaded from the manufacturer.

Download WinRAR For Mac Free.