Yandex Browser Free Download: Yandex.Browser is an easy-to-use Web browser, offers a lot of useful features for both less and more demanding users.

Download Yandex Browser Free for Windows , Mac & Android OS:

The browser has a simple, minimalist interface, so the vast majority of the screen is viewed by our website. The program includes a feature Turbo, which compresses data to improve the speed of the site. With SmartBox can enter search criteria into a special box, and the system prompts you faster to find the desired content and improve the errors in spelling.

Yandex Browser automatically imports the settings (bookmarks, browsing history, etc.) from the previous browser. No need to also worry about viruses - websites are checked by the security system Yandex, and each downloaded file is scanned using Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

The application allows you to translate foreign websites and supports nine languages, such as English, German, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. An interesting addition is the colorful widgets presenting current information, among other things about the weather or road congestion.

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