Best CRM Software Online: Today the number of small and medium business has increased exponentially and so do the client of these firms. Thus it becomes quite impossible for the managing authority to have a track of their customer's information manually. Here Comes CRM Software to help you tackle this problem.

6 Best CRM Software Online at Reasonable Price:

What is CRM Software?

In a Nutshell, a CRM (customer relationship management) Software is a business tool consisting of multiple applications which are designed to manage customer interaction, data, business information, sales and support, contacts, marketing and various other aspects of your business. This software helps you improve business relations with customers thus helping your business to grow.

Why do you need CRM Software for small business?

Well, there are a larger number of reasons that why to you need customer relationship management software but going to take a look some of the most important ones below.

  • To stay Organised: Using CRMs, all your business information can be arranged into one system. Moreover, in the time of need, you can access all your information from emails, calenders and task schedulers at one place within few clicks.
  • Data Security: When You use a Web based CRM Web based Customer service then your data is secured and cannot get lost or corrupted.
  • Business forecast: CRM's keep track of your business in the past and thus generates a significant trend for future.
  • Record Management: All the records of past about clients are stored in a CRM and are readily available thus making it much easier to understand the customer and build better relations.

Which CRM Software to trust Online for Paid & free trials?

1. Apptivo CRM:

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM Software is an integrated Web-based modular CRM Suite and consists well over 50 different apps. These applications are designed to manage a board range of business aspects such as human resource, finance, supply chain, contact management, service ticket and many others. As every business is different from other so do their requirements thus you can use the modules which are required by your business and not get tangled in the various functionality provided. It is the Best CRM Software Online for Startups for today and tomorrow.

Price: Its starting price is $10.00/month/user, and also users can take free trial version of one month.

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to Use
  3. 24x7 Tech Support
  4. Nice mobile app
  1. Needs better integration.

2. HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot CRM

It also a web based CRM software which helps you manage different aspects of your business beyond managing the business contacts, HubSpot can also help you promote your business online as it uses some different features to improve content. Hubspot customer relationship management application also offers website management tool and search engine optimisation tools thus helps you to convert online visitors into leads. Also, it can integrate with emails to surface relevant email automatically.

Price: it is free of cost, but if you can pay $50.00 then you get 1000 minutes of calls unlimited templates and may more exciting features.

  1. Cost Free
  2. SEO Tools
  3. User Friendly
  1. No Android app.

3. InStream CRM:

InStream CRM

It is the cloud based CRM software solution which helps the business personals to connect with consumers and maintain better customer relationship. The in-stream application offers different tools for managing various business aspects such as client interaction, service agents, interaction history and other managing multiple Besides it also provides real-time notifications system which ensures quick attention to customer queries. Also, users can track incoming and outgoing emails and calls.

Price: It Offers three different price tag; a regular version for a free and basic version for $10.00/month/user with the necessary support and business version for $19/user/month with full support and unlimited mailboxes.

  1. Interacting Tracking
  2. Multiple mailboxes
  3. Real-time notifications.
  1. A bit expensive.

4. ProsperWorks CRM:

ProsperWorks CRM

This is similar to the above CRM software's as its cloud-based but is far more diverse and can be applied to any business such as real estate or advertising. Prosper Works, Google's Recommended CRM can store customer data automatically and later search the web for relevant data. The mail integration stores the sent emails to customer Portfolio; it also logs past and upcoming events and meetings such that user knows the client was contacted recently. ProsperWorks CRM software also suggest new connections.

Price: ProsperWorks CRM Software prices online at $19.00 / User / month.

  1. Complete synchronication with Google apps.
  2. Better Support
  3. Best CRM Software online
  4. Multiple Platform support.
  1. No mass email feature.

5. Vtiger CRM:

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM Software was launched in 2004 with a vision to provide features which conventional CRM's cannot provide. Vtiger is regularly updated from user's feedback and delivers better sales automation capabilities with improves email marketing functionality, invoicing and inventory management. It has a Web-CRM feature which can capture contact directly from the website. Also, its support portal allows users to look for similar issues in the past and their solution.

Price: Vtiger CRM software has multiple price option; for sales started its $10.00/month, $20.00/month for sales professional and $30.00/ user/ month for Ultimate Version.

  1. Easy to USE
  2. Free Edition
  3. 24*7 Support
  4. Best CRM Software online
  1. Old Trouble ticket
  2. On expensive side.

6. Nutshell CRM:

Nutshell CRM

It is Designed for small business and sole proprietors. Nutshell CRM Software  does not have any limit on user or storage limit thus letting you store and create as many records as you like. Nutshell offers much larger than integrations such as Google Apps, Mailchimp, Zendesk and other thus Offering you better client management and sales force automation. Nut shell also provides the feature such as email tracking, task management, pipelining, forecasts. Nutshell CRM software offers real-time synchronisation with all devices thus allowing you to serve the customer on the go.

Price:  This Best CRM Software Offers all the premium features in one single plane at $20.00 / month/user.

  1. 14-day free trial edition
  2. No user or storage limit
  3. Better support
  4. Best CRM Software online.
  1. Limit Customization
  2. Complex menu.

Final verdict:

All the Top CRM Software online list in our list are accomplished of fulfilling your needs, and You can select anyone to meet your requirements. However, I personal prefer Apptivo CRM Software because of its modular construction and would love to recommend it to anyone because it is the Best CRM Software online Today.