Are you Googling for the best Media Players of 2017 For Windows 10 32-bit & 64-bit PC / Desktop OS . Well depending on personal preference people will always pick one that suits their needs. In this Article i'll talk about 5 best Media Players of 2017 for Windows PC on the market choosing an efficient and effective Multimedia player for your PC. While Windows media players are vast and meet different needs, their main purpose is to solely enable you as the user to watch content. Be it audio, video or using the player as a streaming tool for your Online videos / Offline videos and live events. When we talk of best Media Players of 2017 for PC the most common and most frequent that will come to mind is windows Multimedia player which comes already installed when you purchase a PC and VLC the widely used and acclaimed media player of all time.

5 Best Media Players of 2017 For Windows PC:


VideoLAN VLC Player is Awarded as the Best Media Players of 2017 for Windows / Mac platforms. VLC is the most common and widely used media player across the world. VLC Player 2017 is a powerful and complex software. it offers an all in one solution to users with it's many user settings. It supports different types of video formats with the ability to live stream by just pasting the URL and your good to go. This is why many people tend to like VLC media player. Below are the high points of this media player. VLC for windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 OS free Download.

1. It supports live streaming 2. It has a user friendly interface that can changed 3. It is available on windows, mac, android and ios. 4. VLC Player 2017 supports playback from files, disk, external hardrives/flash drives and also webcams. 5. It has hardware acceleration for faster GPU processing.


Unlike VLC Player 2017 , Pot player is not a common media player. It is a player that is light on system resource though i has a fast start up. It has a very friendly user interface which can be changed to suit your preference. It has cool features such as bookmarks, scene previews and clip recordings. It also has the ability to handle huge file formats without experiencing any lag. Here you may find the player seamlessly supporting media playback of up to 1000 files being played back to back without having any trouble of lag. Pot player for windows and Mac Free Download. Below are some of it's high points:-

1. It has a more detailed interface. 2. It supports live streaming 3. It has better handling when it comes to large files. 4. It supports media codecs out of the box. 5. It supports GPU acceleration and post-processing.


KM player is media player for windows that has the ability to play various audio and video formats. KMPlayer Multimedia Player enables you to capture audio, video and screenshots in various ways. It has a friendly user interface. The player offers both internal and external filters that have a fully controlled environment when it comes to connections such as spliters and decoders. The KM player for windows is quite a lite application though it comes packed with powerful performance. KMPlayer for Windows free download. Download KMPlayer for Mac OS PC.

Below are some of KM players high points :-

1. It supports seamless playback for split videos. 2. It has a TV tuner functionality card. 3. It has a top notch user interface. 4. It supports playback from files and external devices. 5. Good picture quality and play back.


Real player is another common and widely used Windows media player across the world. RealPlayer has a nice user interface and is a cross platform media player app that is compatible with numerous container file formats. Features of the real player include; media converter, web browser and video download utility. Real player can be found on mac, windows and also Linux. The RealPlayer Media player application is free for download though you can create a profile and sign up for an upgraded version which has more features if you so wish at a subscription fee.

Realplayer For Windows 10 32-bit / 64-bit.

Download Realplayer For Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit.

Realplayer For Windows 8 32-bit / 64-bit.

Realplayer For Windows 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit.

Realplayer For Mac OS Download.

Below are some high points of real player:

1. It supports video streaming. 2. It has photo and video sharing functionalities. 3. It has a browser download add-on for Firefox. 4. It has built in converter.


This is a Best Media Players that comes with a very user friendly interface. It is not packed with many features and functionalities as all the other plays, though it performs the core function of a media player with utmost efficiency. Like all the other media players GOM is skinnable. Ideally you can play around with the themes and skins, thereby changing them to suit your particular liking. GOM Player supports different kinds of file formats thereby making your experience with the player quite flawless. Below are some of the high points of GOM player:-

1. It supports video streaming 2. It has codec finder service that tells you which codec to use. 3. It has an interface that can be changed by witching the skins.

Having reviewed the above five media players for your PC, I will go directly into items that your are required to be aware of which cut across all the Media Players of 2017.

Standard system requirements For Best Media Players of 2017:

1. Microsoft windows 10 (32/64 bit), Microsoft windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64 bit) windows 7 (32/64 bit) 2. Intel Pentium 4 and higher versions of Intel. 3. Over 16 MB free RAM 4. Over 25MB free HDD Moving from the requirements.

> It is important to note that all the Best Media Players of 2017 mentioned above are free for download from the Internet.

Best Media Players of 2017 : Some media players such as real player have the ability of upgrading to a more premium version which is subject to monthly subscription fee. Note that this is not mandatory but if you feel that you require the extra features then you may opt to pay an amount to have access to them. However it all boils down to an individuals preference when it comes to the media player for of your choice. best Media Players of 2017 reviewed here are at the top of the chain when it comes to media players for PC. They offer good user functionality have top notch features to support your video and audio playback files, while at the same time having the ability to streamline videos. So feel free to try out any of the above Best Media Players of 2017.

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