Download WhatsApp 2018 For Windows PC and Macintosh OS: If you own a smartphone, chances are that you have WhatsApp Messenger 2018 installed on your phone or more likely heard this name before. With its foundation in year 2009 WhatsApp has now become the most popular messaging app in the world with over one billion active users, user base. It is an instant messaging app that can be used to share text and multimedia files such as images and videos. The app now also offers document sharing and free video and voice calls phone's Internet connection (4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, Li-Fi wireless technology as available).

WhatsApp 2018 - 2019 Review:

WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp messenger 2018 Review: From 2017 - 2018 WhatsApp is a great instant messaging application that you can have in your phone. This app comes with great user base and have all the features which you can ask in an instant messaging app. But anything else in this world WhatsApp too comes with both advantages and disadvantages. WhatsApp Web 2018: This is the feature introduced by 2018 WhatsApp team for their one billion happy users to use app's interface on their PCs. The procedure is thoroughly simple and I was able to access my WhatsApp on my PC within minutes. It is basically an extension to existing app on your phone which mirrors the messages of the user from their phone on the web browser. The UI of 2018 WhatsApp web looks like the mobile UI and feels very familiar. All the conversations can be continued here and new ones can also be initiated using one single click. Features like delivery report and read receipt are also supported and almost all other perks of using WhatsApp on phone can be found on Web interface too like - video calling, voice calling or sending images and videos. So altogether one can say its close to perfect extension to Whats App if not perfect and can be accessed without any hassles.

Why WhatsApp 2018 is best and Secure comparing to other Messengers:

1) Free - The WhatsApp 2018 Application is completely free and There is no Subscription fees whatsoever. However the app uses phone's internet connection to send or receive SMS standard internet charges may apply. 2) Free Calls - The WhatsApp 2018 app supports both voice and video calls over internet. The quality of the call depends on your internet connection, but generally works well on 3G speeds. 3) Group Chats - The WhatsApp Messenger supports both one to one and group chats, one can stay easily in touch with friends and family with group chats. 4) WhatsApp Web - Computer browser like chrome, Safari, Mozilla or Edge can be used to access WhatsApp Messenger for PC. 5) Platform Support - WhatsApp works on pretty much every smartphone from the Android, Symbian to Apple's iPhones.

How does whatsapp work technically on Windows / Mac OS PC:

The WhatsApp Web App uses phone's internet connection to send and receive messages over the internet and your mobile number works as the ID for other contacts to contact you. Which is a very handy feature for the ones like me who have a hard time remembering their username and password. The user which is to be contacted should be in your contact list and the users profile can be found under the contacts tab in WhatsApp.

How to Download WhatsApp for PC:

This WhatsApp 2018 application can be used in PC by visiting Official WhatsApp Website - Named WhatsApp Web App for PC but in this case the you need to have it installed on your smartphone too. If you want to use the standalone version of WhatsApp for PC, then it can be installed and run on the Emulators such as Bluestacks or Youwave easily. I have tried these methods myself and installation and usage of app on these emulators is pretty easy.

What's new in Whatsapp Messenger App 2018 latest version:

The WhatsApp team has promised to give more security updates in the upcoming updates. The interface of the app has already included features such as voice and video calling and also document sharing. There is an new Official WhatsApp Update from Whats App  Team i.e WhatsApp backdoor in WhatsApp but it may provide functionality to send SMS to non app users in near future.

The WhatsApp has also announced the it will end its support for blackberry and Nokia Smartphones in 2017 due to very less user base in these platforms.

Download WhatsApp Messenger 2017 -

If you have downloaded any app before from Playstore or iTunes, then Downloading the messenger would be a cake walk for you. The WhatsApp Messenger runs on all major smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and Symbian. WhatsApp 2018 Messenger can be downloaded from the respective stores of the platform.

Summary -

WhatsApp Messenger 2017 is the best instant messaging option available right now for any of the smartphone platform and is the most secure too, However its security has been in question since Facebook acquired it in 2014. It is a must have app for anybody from a professional to someone like you and me who likes to be in touch with friends and family 24X7. Also The WhatsApp 2018 For PC has promised to roll some cool features in the future.

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