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Office 365 ProPlus is a simple and lucrative way to get a commanding array of cloud Office services. Download Microsoft Office 365 2017 Free for Home or for Business, Students & Professionals on Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

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Office 365 Proplus

Microsoft Office 365 Proplus new  features:

Microsoft Office 365 Professional is a simple and lucrative way to get a commanding array of cloud Office services. Office 365 Pro Plus is not a web-based version and works restrictedly on your PC. Like other versions, this is obtainable in a Windows 32-bit and a 64-bit version. I endorse you install the 32-bit version. It can serve as Microsoft Office student version as well.

Take a look at Office 365 Proplus For Students new features:

• Office 365 Pro Plus is available as a monthly subscription. To use it, you need an account and a license. • You don’t need to be linked to the web all the time. You need to connect once a month at least to check the status of your subscriptions. If not, it will move into reduced functionality mode. • By default, the software installs as a single package. All the programs get installed on your PC. • You can use Office 365 ProPlus software with braced versions of Exchange Server or SharePoint Server. • You can store the records on your local PCs or in a different place on your network, for instance a SharePoint site. • The Office programs that emanate with Office 365 ProPlus are identical to the ones with Office Professional Plus 2013.

Difference between Office 365 plans and Office suites:

The latest version of Office – Office 365 ProPlus is a little different from other Office suites. Nevertheless, what is the difference? Let us discuss few major differences between Office 365 plans and other Office variants:

• Talking about all the Office suites available, Office 365 is definitely the superior deal. Why? For a simple reason that with Office 365 you attain all available software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. To attain the similar packages in any other Office suite including Office 2013, you will have to buy Office Professional 2013.

• Microsoft Visio and Project is fragment of the Office family. There are Office 2016 versions of both, however you purchase them separately. If you have the Microsoft Office 2013 versions, you cannot retain using them for they won't work as soon as you install Office 2016

• Another significant point to note is that Office 365 ProPlus always stays up-to-date, thus you don’t need to buy upgrades or think if you're using the latest version. No surprises there in the other Office suites, they are not up-to-date.

• Office 365 is persistently supported. Microsoft provides technical support by means of chat or phone at definitely no additional cost. This is not obtainable for Office 2013 or other Office suite’s purchasers.

• Office 365 ProPlus also arrives along with 60 minutes of free international calls per month by means of Skype. Any other Office suite including Office 2013 doesn't incorporate any such feature.

What's New in Office 365 Proplus For Students 2017 - 2018 latest Edition?

• Co-Authoring With the co-authoring feature, more than one worker can work on a document at the same time. You can work on a document notwithstanding the maneuver.

• Tell Me Tell Me is a smart assistant that can comprehend your requests written in totally human-y words. It will support you with all that jazz and concerns you are having.

• Delve A feature named Delve uses algorithms to load up the most pertinent info or documents at a place.

• New theme You can currently alter the bright, glossy interface to a spectacular-looking Dark Gray theme. The dark theme will likewise be convenient while working at night.

• Use it across all your devices You can use the latest Microsoft Office for Mac , Windows, and Apple, including Android tablets or phones.

• OneDrive cloud storage You can save to your cloud storage and shift from one maneuver to another without losing anything.

• Hello All you need to say is -- HELLO and Windows will log you into Office—the whole thing in one modest stride.

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