Electronics Brands Companies: Not everyone is an expert on computers, which isn't a surprise considering advancements are being made every day. HP laptops, Asus, Acer laptops, and Dell Notebooks are just the beginning. But those are just names. If you want to understand the true nature of your laptops and printers, then read on.

TOP Best Electronics Brands Companies IN THE WORLD:

The HP/Hewlett-Packard Movement First,

HP laptops : HP have come a long way and are still advancing into 2017. With the Spectre, x360 HP has devoted it's time to making a higher quality laptop at a lower price. Many general features of this year include lighter, sleeker design without sacrificing usefulness; strong hinges; and longer battery life. Sometimes up to four hours longer than previous models.

HP printers : Hewlett-Packard Printers are also on this list of technology. Being the necessity that printers are in today's society, it is likely you will need to invest in one at some time. HP printers should be high on your list of considerations. Featuring wireless WiFi connection, Bluetooth, and high-quality printing, printers are hard to develop much further. However, HP Envy 4520 has broken into the new world with smartphone, tablet, and personal computer connections; as well as photograph quality printing.

Dell Notebooks / Laptops:

Dell Notebooks combine the processing unit of a laptop with the ease and freedom of a tablet; letting you jot down notes, write long essays, or just doodle when you're bored. The new year brought the new Dell Inspiron series with it and accompanied by user-friendly interfaces and faster processing units. Wider screens with better graphics make getting things done a lot easier.


Canon is most widely know by its cameras and high-quality printers, but there is more than what meets the camera lens. Canon has many options when it comes to high definition pictures and printing. Items such as the EOS 5D are among the best and best rated. Also, it is rumoured that many new additions to the Canon family are expected to arrive in the following years, including Canon EOS 7D, DEOS Rebel T71 Powershot SX70, HS Powershot G9X Mark ii, Cinema EOS C100 Mark II all.


Asus has provided consumers with the latest technology and hardware we use every day. 2017 is expected to be a marketing hay day for what Asus themselves are calling the 'ASUS Zennovation'. The Zennovation is Including the newest breakthroughs in the Zenfone, Zenbook, and Transformer Pro. All of which have newer, better versions expected to make this year one to remember. As part of the company's enlightenment, many products have been made or modified to persuade the age of augmented reality. Meaning, if you are one for that type of thing, the Zenfone AR is just for you.


Acer has put 2017 into motion with new gaming laptops expected to bank this year. New systems include: Predator 17X, Aspire VX 15, V Nitro.


Samsung, having had a rough patch with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, is hoping to make a comeback with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They're claiming it's better, safer, and more innovative. Now, the Note 8 has yet to come out to prove it's worth but is expected to be unveiled on March 29th of this year. Other products to look out for by Samsung are Galaxy 7s Edge, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A3.

Below are the Top 5 Best and Popular Electronics Brands Companies all over the World.