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It is possible to use two approaches to describe what an online game is one of them: the simple, easy way, and the more complex method.

The simple solution is: a game is a digital interactive entertainment that players "play" via a computer or game console (like the Xbox or PlayStation) or even a mobile phone or tablet. You can head to bed now that classes are finished and we're finished. This really sums the whole thing up but it's not the most satisfactory explanation of the division of everything that's going on here.

As the new reporter covering videos for HitInstall I'm trying to give clear explanations for our readers. So , I'm going deeper into the explanation that is more complex here.

The word "video game" casts an extremely broad net across a variety of various things. There are many types of video games and each is a distinct form of media entertainment. Because we don't have specific descriptions for all of those distinct kinds -- only loose descriptions of genres -- we simply say that everything is an online game. It's confusing to the people you would call gamers.

If one were to be raised solely playing video games, and then later discover in life that there are other types of entertainment that we consume on a regular basis the person could be confused about the reason we consider television and film to be distinct types of media. When compared to everything else that is considered video games, films and TV are undistinguishable from one another.

Video games are games which take place in the computer. They're TV shows that are interactive and movies that are interactive. They're digital board and card games. They're rough recreations of your daily life, including everything you do to earn money. Certain video games are art expression. Some people don't understand the meaning of artistic expression or why you'd pay attention to whatever it is.

They're all video games.

"Game" or the "game" part has been an issue in recent times in endless debates on the internet about whether or not this piece of definitely an interactive experience but doesn't have a skill component is really a game. Whatever the flavour of the day in this debate obviously, it's definitely a game for video since it's "World of Warcraft" and "NBA 2K" and "League of Legends" and "The Last Of Us" and "Farming Simulator" and "Super Mario Bros" and "Candy Crush Saga" are all video games "Firewatch," in which you wander around in the forest, clicking on things until the plot is developed, is also an online game.

Each of these is actually like any of the other. However, that's not a problem since everything is important.

Within a single game, there's often more than one type of game. For instance, the annual "Call of Duty" series that does have an important cultural impact it has an episodic, linear portion which you can play by yourself as well as a context-free competitive multiplayer. It is also common to find the third mode of cooperative play that is about combating aliens, zombies, or zombies. They're all the same type of video games, however they're distinct games which appeal to different kinds of players.

I am a fan of storytelling, so each year when I play latest "Call of Duty" I tend to play the story mode. I do not pay enough focus on the multiplayer game which isn't art, and does not have any ambition towards being art. The art component as well as the non-art component are a part of an entire game.

"NBA 2K," also an annual franchise, is more fragmented as "Call of Duty", featuring modes in which you play basketball and a team management game and even the collectible card game in the game. Most players choose one of the modes and stick to it.

There's a strange kind of a sense of community in placing every aspect of digital entertainment that is interactive under one umbrella. "Everybody's a gamer," people claim, as it's true that the majority of players in this part of Western globe have had a chance to play something which counts as a video-based game. Therefore, anyone who hasn't played anything other than "Puzzle & Dragons" on their phone is considered to be an avid gamer.

The result is that we live under the illusion of believing that "Uncharted," a franchise with a lot of resemblance in the eyes of the gamers who play it and has a more significant cultural significance despite the fact that only a handful of million players have played these games. It's a validation for a time-sink in a sport that's still largely limited to geeks. That's the reason I created this explanation.

I'm going through this in order to illustrate the challenges in sorting through the information. I've been doing this as a profession for years and it's not an easy task for me. For normal people, it's too to. This is why I'm here. Hi, I'm Phil and I'm covering games on video for HitInstall and we'll go through this.

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