Microsoft Windows Dedicated Hosting India Introduction:

A gamete of server operating systems introduced and marketed by Microsoft is known as Windows server. It was first introduced in 2003. Since then there are multiple developments that happened rapidly in this area. These days, you need not share your server IP, bandwidth, space and other resources with any other organization using Windows dedicated hosting. India, globally, is a major contributor in this niche area.

Scalability of Windows dedicated hosting India:

Windows Dedicated Hosting India

It’s comparatively easy and cost effective to scale a dedicated hosting server in India. The server being hosted in a data center, can be configured and remotely operated. Thus the client can scale it up, according to his/ her business need, from his/her office. Indian service providers have expertized in easy scalability of Windows dedicated hosting India with time. With advanced techniques, now it is possible to scale up or scale down the resources, horizontally or vertically, without disturbing the performance and without any manual intervention.


Performance of Windows dedicated hosting is better than shared server space. Because the client can configure it as per his/ her requirement. There won’t be any clash of competitor or counter acting software, resulting in a seamless performance. Simultaneously a continuous monitoring of the performance improves the seamlessness.

Redundancy in systems: connectivity and maintenance:

Windows dedicated hosting requires the service provider to be powered by a comprehensive array of redundant systems. The system must include multiple power feeds of high-capability, good connectivity, 24/7 performance monitoring and a robust and reliable control system.

Reliability & security:

A dedicated hosting server system offers a strong data security policies and measures. The service provider offers a Firewall Management system with extra security tweaks, which can be customized according to your business requirement and keep it safe from all potential risks. A complete risk identification, maintenance of risk log, and a proper risk mitigation plan help in running the business as usual, in case of an emergency. The system offers that a regular data backup system is in place. This should also offer you a quick data recovery system. Best security practices are part of the Windows dedicated hosting servers to minimize the downtime.

Windows Dedicated Hosting Price in India:

The cost of Windows dedicated hosting in India has become very reasonable these days. The price range starts from as low as 100 rupees per month, for a single site. Cost increases with the number of sites you want to host and the kind of complexity increases simultaneously.


For the success of your business in Windows dedicated hosting market in India, you must concentrate on a prompt and efficient customer support services. Even if you are technologically brilliant, your business may not achieve its goal if you don’t have a strong customer support in place. The market is very competitive. Therefore every minute counts in crisis and can affect your business badly. Please remember, nobody likes server downtime.

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